Business Planning Services

Would you benefit from a custom financial strategy that helps define and achieve your business goals? At Your Favorite CPA, our accountants and finance experts offer business planning with a focus on maximizing profit and ROI.

We prepare for your big picture vision through a strategic, financial approach to business planning.

Because no matter what you envision for your business, tactical business planning will reveal how to achieve those goals with confidence.

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Business Planning Services

Our Finance Approach to Business Planning in San Diego, Los Angeles & Beyond

In our initial session of business planning, we’ll dive deep into your business. You’ll walk away with:

  • A better understanding of how much to bring into the business to cover expenses & achieve profit goals.
  • A clear picture of how many clients you’ll need to meet your revenue goals.
  • An overarching 2 – 3 year projection with specific, realistic numbers.
    • (No numbers are a set guarantee due to factors that may be outside our control. However, with information we receive, you receive plan that truly is achievable.)

Your Favorite CPA’s Process for Business Planning & Strategy

Our experts offer a variety of options, from single sessions to ongoing strategy. It’s based on your needs. We meet with you and evaluate the level of service accordingly, such as:

  • A one time session that includes business planning and projection.
  • Ongoing business planning to stay on track and adjust goals as your business evolves. This can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or as requested.

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I was so satisfied … that I actually referred him to a couple of my clients.

“I actually met Eric not too long ago to help me with my taxes, and he helped me actually run my business a little bit better. Suggesting a few things that I can do best. I was so satisfied with his work that I actually referred him to a couple of my clients, which in turn, actually gave me more business.”

ONEIDA FRANCO, President of Franco Blueprint, Inc.

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